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PrimeStream VPN keeps your online activity private and secure. Our VPN technology routes your internet traffic through a secure server, ensuring your online identity remains anonymous and your sensitive information is protected from hackers and advertisers.

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Firestick/android recommended for Mystream4k app

Advanced Encryption

Help safeguard connections to handle personal data with end-to-end security.

No Logs

Protect VPN usage with an independently verified no traffic logs policy.

Unlock Access

Connect to online content from anywhere without the risk of blocks.

Unmetered Connections

Secure every device you own up to 5 devices

Online Anonymity

Help protect the privacy of internet activity to avoid ISP tracking.

Innovative Technology

Power your traffic with WireGaurd, the latest advancement in VPN protocols

For Streaming

Our VPN works on your Android, FireTV Devices and more!


Works on Mobile

Download to your Mobile Device via Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore

What are the Main benefits of a vpn

VPNs provide a long list of benefits for everyday internet use. But the three primary benefits of VPN are privacy, security, and online freedom. 


PrimeStream VPN can help protect your personal information from being accessed by third parties who may be trying to gather it, including Wi-Fi snoopers, advertisers, network owners, and ISPs. By encrypting your connection to any network, a VPN can prevent potential snoopers from spying on your online activity. Additionally, a VPN can change your IP address, increasing your anonymity and giving you more control over your online location.


It’s crucial to remain vigilant against online threats since they are always present. Hackers can cause chaos, especially in public Wi-Fi hotspots, by using various methods like Evil Twin networks or Man-in-the-Middle attacks to steal your data and compromise your devices. However, you don’t have to succumb to their tactics. A VPN can help safeguard you from these threats. By utilizing a VPN, your data is more secure, and it’s less likely that hackers can intercept your traffic. Moreover, using a VPN can offer more protection in case you unintentionally connect to a phony Wi-Fi network.

Online Freedom

Internet users’ digital rights are crucial, but unfortunately, they are increasingly being violated on a daily basis. Global netizens face numerous barriers to genuine online freedom, ranging from intrusive government data collection programs to excessive internet censorship. Fortunately, using a VPN can greatly minimize the impact of these hindrances. By employing a VPN, your data is encrypted, making it difficult for third parties to collect your information. Additionally, a VPN can conceal your real IP address, enabling you to bypass any unjustified restrictions placed on your actual online location.

Our Reviews 

“I’ve been using PrimeStream for about 8 months now, i always paid for surfshark vpn which is awesome, but since PrimeStream offered there own VPN service for as little as $4.99 i had to switch. Now im watching tv knowing my connection is secure and safe. Why pay for any other VPN when you can get PrimeStreams and there TV Service also”

“Ive been using there VPN for a while now, works on my phone, computer and Firestick, definitely worth it, only $5 a month. Sign me up. Im telling all my friends to join PrimeStream for there super cheap VPN and there amazing tv service, the ultimate duo.”

“Loving PrimeStream TV Service, works great to watch all the sports games and any tv channel i wish. Im big into saftey and privacy since my computer got hacked a year ago. Ive always used VPNs since then to prevent that from happening, VPNs can be pretty expensive, but its necessary, and now that PrimeStream Offers one for $5 a month. I never have to worry again, Thanks for the Great Service”