How to Solve Buffering & Freezing Issues

Internet Speed Issues(Explained)

For example, if you were promised an internet speed of 200MBps by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) you might actually be getting these speeds while browsing or downloading stuff from the internet. Though browsing and downloading is not a process which will consume too much of data and bandwidth since the data usage will end as soon as you are done with these types of uses.

The same does not apply when using internet to watch TV. Your streaming device will keep sending and receiving “Streaming Data” while connected to the internet, this will provide you with High Quality picture but it will frequently use much more data packets for download/upload.

Most ISP’s use an algorithm which detects the usage type of your internet connection, and when they notice that you’re using a lot of data, instantly or sometimes even manually they will reduce your internet speed. Even though you are promised an unlimited data plan or maybe a limited one but with an uninterrupted service, they still like to control the internet traffic type that you use and when they notice that you shouldn’t be using up that much traffic they will start “THROTTLING” your internet speed. Even though your internet connection seems to be working fine but you will start to get a much lower speed when streaming. You then start experiencing Freezing, Laggy Picture, Unusual Buffering, or sometimes in some cases no service.


restart of your Router and Device solves 90% of Issues! Before proceeding to troubleshoot any issues, please perform a restart on your equipment. Power off your router, pull the plug for 1 min and power on again. This will clear the cache from your router. Then turn your TV box or Smart TV off, pull the plug for 1 minute and turn and back on. This will clear out all the old cache settings from your router and device and should provide a fresh connection. This is often the solution to a lot of buffering problems and is essential before other troubleshooting can begin.

Things to do when you are facing unusual Lagging or Buffering


1. Restart the Wi-Fi
Sometimes your Wi-Fi when sending in and out too much data or when serving too many devices at once, can cause the HD streams to lag. Restarting your Wi-Fi will help the device refresh it’s settings and cool down.

2. Restart the TV/Firestick/Box
Android boxes or an Amazon Firestick, normally will have numerous background apps running in which each App has it’s own processing requirements which is dependent on the RAM of the device. If the device is used for a long period of time or is getting overloaded from processing all of the background apps, this can cause the CPU and GPU to overheat, resulting in our Streaming App to perform slower. Restarting the device helps it clear the useless processes. You can also Close Background apps by other means.

3. Check the Internet Speed
You can Test your Internet Speed with a few apps that are available on your Amazon Firestick App store and also Play Store. If your speed is lower than 40MBps your service with us can lag because of the HD channels.
Most Popular Speed testing apps are:

  • Internet Speed Test App
  • Analiti
  • (From any browser such as Firefox)

Reset / Reboot your Account with Us
In some rare cases your account with your with us can get out of sync or out of whack, technology has it’s hiccups. We can get you re-activated or re-set by contacting us.

Uninstall or Close Background Apps
You might wanna check if your Firestick or the Set-Top-Box that you are using is running too many background apps those can consume large Data from your Internet. These days no App is static and is constantly sending and receiving data from internet.
Most Popular Background Process Management app:

  • Background Apps & Processes List

4. Use a Premium VPN

Tried all of the previous troubleshooting steps and still facing lagging issues?

The first reliable solution is using a Premium VPN while streaming. Connecting it to a US-LA server is recommended, but you can successfully use most of the US servers.

What is a VPN?

VPN =  acts as a stabilizer of your internet connection. A VPN will re-route your connection to a said server from their own private server, resulting a less delayed and faster connection.

A VPN is encrypted with 256-bit SSL Secure Encryption, so when you are connected to a VPN the algorithm of detecting stream usage or any usage that you are rightfully owed is given complete Privacy.

VPN will allow you to unlock any website or web service or app which could be restricted by your ISP.

You can also sign up for a Free trial with any Premium VPNs and once you see that the solution works, you may then decide to purchase a VPN.

Brief recap: Using a VPN helps your Streaming Speed Stabilize and Enhance along with protecting your privacy. Most Internet Service Provider are with Cable and VOD service so they wouldn’t want their customers streaming from outside their network, yet they have less resource to fill the demand gap. So they throttle speed and it’s mostly done manually or with a algorithm which detects your usage. Using a Premium VPN, will mask your connection id and provide you a Freedom to browse and stream.

Most Popular and a well known VPN:

  • (Highly Recommended)

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